• Predictable Traction – Guaranteed

    Leverage my 3-step Framework to become the SaaS business no one can ignore


  • Does any of these problems sound familiar?

    Stress about 'not enough' traction?

    Struggling to attract and win the right customers fast enough?

    Struggling with that invisible growth ceiling?

    Does it feel growth is stalling after a period of initial success?

    Sleeping badly over runway issues?

    Challenged to deliver enough cash leverage to fund the mission you're on?

    B2B SaaS companies that trust and use my framework

    It's frustrating when all the hard work doesn't translate into traction you hope for. I hear you

    That’s exactly why I founded Value Inspiration and wrote my book The Remarkable Effect. The big idea: Imagine how fast we could solve the world’s biggest problems if more SaaS Startups and Scaleups would gain traction sooner.

    How? By helping you become remarkable across three different layers:

    1 – Traction Foundation: Fix the 3 pillars that hold your SaaS business back
    2 – Traction Momentum: Create leverage around what makes you remarkable
    3 – Traction Resilience: Leverage peers to remove blind spots and flesh-out burning questions

    Each service is inspired by the 10-traits framework that defines remarkable SaaS businesses. The impact: End the stress of ‘not enough’ traction, become immune to upcoming growth plateaus and achieve benchmark gross margin.


    Three paths to fast-track becoming the B2B SaaS business the world talks about:

    Traction Foundation

    Together we'll create the foundation for your growth: crystal clear segmentation, laser-sharp positioning, and an easy-to-explain value proposition

    Traction Momentum

    Ensures your teams comfortably communicate what makes you remarkable to attract the right customers, shorten deal cycles and grow win-rates ... at a premium.

    Traction Resilience

    Together we're smarter. My CEO Mastermind removes blind spots, prevents you from making critical mistakes others' made, and removes barriers that hold you back.

    Daily tip to become a Remarkable SaaS business

    Yes, it’s actually daily. And yes, people actually stay subscribed.

    “Easy to read, insightful, and gets the mind cogs turning for any SaaS CEO”
    Rami Darwish, CEO Arrow Labs

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    Michiel Schipperus, CEO Sana Commerce

    Working with Ton opened our eyes to the fundamental importance of having a value proposition that appeals on a strategic level to our ideal prospects and customers.

    Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice Inc.

    I have grown more in this CEO Mastermind than in so many other expensive investments at conferences, or tradeshows.

    Roy Wood, Chief Sales Officer, Advanced

    Ton has assisted Advanced in our business transformation, positioning us as one of the UKs largest software businesses and helped us execute our plans to achieve the company sale and reinvestment of £2 billion.

    Nicole Kealey, VP, Intelligent Enterprise Marketing SAP

    'Ton is one of those unique marketing experts that can distill a lot of customer, market and product information quickly and pinpoint immediate opportunities to refine your segmentation and strengthen your positioning'

    Jon Ruby, CEO Jonar

    Regularly engaging with a group of diverse but uniformly smart peers has been invaluable. I have gotten help in making very actionable decisions. You can't get that from subordinates, only peers.

    10 Traits of a Remarkable SaaS business

    Remarkable is more than just a word. It’s a vision. It’s the art to create meaningful impact to impact prospects and customers. Being remarkable is something that I believe every software company can achieve. That’s why I wrote this book. To help Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-mission like you shape the SaaS business your customers just keep talking about. The secret: The 10 traits I describe in this book.

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