• Solve Unpredictable Traction

    Leverage my 3-step framework to become the SaaS business that surprises everyone


  • Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established business, starting this journey with Ton has the power to change your business for good and for the better – not by 10 percent – but by 10x.

    – Michiel Schipperus, CEO Sana Commerce

    Here’s the problem. You’re stuck in a vicious cycle.

    You're struggling to attract the right customers...

    You can't get quality leads - takes forever to close...

    Investors are nipping at your heels and asking LOTS of questions...

    Selling is starting to feel like wind force- 9 headwinds...

    Meanwhile, your runway is getting shorter and shorter...

    Hi, I’m Ton Dobbe and I can help you get unstuck

    Most SaaS Companies struggle to stand out.

    I help you crystalize what makes you remarkable,

    identify who’s prepared to pay a premium and why.

    So that you can create predictable traction…

    …and surprise everyone.

    After the first full quarter, the time-to-close has improved by 30%. YOY we nearly doubled the number of won deals, and we improved the average deal size by 42%. That’s great sales productivity improvement.

    – Henk-Jan Onstwedder, General Manager Legal Software, Wolters Kluwer

    Why the Element of Surprise is Everything

    Because when you surprise, you stand out.

    And here’s what happens when you stand out.

    You Surprise your Customers

    Attract the right customers who become your fans, that buy more, buy more often, are willing to pay a premium, and bring their peers.

    This brings predictable revenue, which leads to:

    You Surprise your Investors

    Now your company has a completely different valuation than your investors anticipated.

    Now that you’re better positioned with a better product you can …

    You Surprise your Competitors

    Surprises that your competitors can only hate – aka “home runs.”

    You Surprise Yourself.

    Build a track record of exceeding what your company can do year after year.

    With the impact you can deliver, knowing you’ve got predictable revenue, raving fans and investors that stop doubting and start believing.

    You need the guidance to be able to step out of your own comfort zone and train of thought

    – Quintus Willemse, CEO Share Council

    3 Steps to get Predictable Traction:


    A 4-week “pressure cooker” to create the building blocks that accelerate growth


    A habit-changing program to transform feature sellers into value communicators


    Ongoing peer community & mentorship to keep your business viable, resilient and remarkable

    We’re getting noticed in a dense market. Ton has made us better storytellers. Stories that resonate with our ideal customers, addressing their most pressing problems.

    – Sally Scott, CMO One Advanced

    B2B SaaS companies that trust and use my framework

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    2 - We'll identify if we're a good fit

    If so, we’ll explore your challenges in fast-tracking the growth of your software business - and what success strategy would fit best to address them.

    3 - Enjoy seeing surprising results

    If there's a fit (and only then), I'll ensure a flying start; build your Traction Foundation in the 4-week pressure cooker so you can start to surprise everyone.

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