• Ton Dobbe – Growth consultant for Tech-Entrepreneurs-on-a-Mission

    …Find your blind-spots

    …Connect the right dots

    …Remove roadblocks that hold you back

    …Be challenged to think differently

    …Avoid the costly mistakes others made

    …Level up with like-minded peers

    …Create the momentum you aspire

    …Grow the valuation of your business


  • Welcome to the place where B2B software CEOs turn the big idea that sparked their business into the scale, momentum and valuation they aspire to

    End the era of 'not being seen, heard or understood'

    Ensure the unique idea behind your software business is crystal clear, reveals your true value, and be guided on how to craft your best story to get noticed by the right people.

    Eliminate the need to compete on price

    Find new ways to claim pole-position in the right deals, how to shorten sales-cycles, turn low win-rates into high win-rates, and eliminate the ‘need’ for discounting. In fact, gain the confidence to increase your price.

    Start growing the valuation of your business

    Gain wisdom to shape a software business your customers keep talking about, a business they would miss if it were gone, and grow its valuation on the back of it.

    Businesses that trust and use my method

    Escape the Echo-Chamber

    Starting your software business is one thing, creating and accelerating its momentum is something else.  It’s hard. And it’s not a one-off endeavor either.

    One of the main reasons you get stuck and lose traction is because you’re simply too close to the problem. You get sucked into the day-to-day rat-race, start looking inwards, and develop blind spots for what truly matters. Before you know it, complacency kicks-in and you slowly lose your way, your energy, and passion. That’s hard to solve on your own. You need answers your subordinates will unlikely give you – only peers.

    To help you break this vicious circle I established The Tech-Entrepreneur-on-a-Mission Tribe. It’s a perfect mix of like-minded peers, a programmatic framework, 1-to-1 mentoring, and a secure environment to connect the right dots, magnify your true strengths, and remove your blind spots.

    Start surrounding yourself with people that tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.


    How to get access to the tribe?

    1 - Get in touch and find out if you qualify

    It's not for everyone. Drive, values, and where you are on your journey matter because I want to ensure you are surrounded by the right like-minded people to obtain maximum value.

    2 - Join the Tribe Experience Trail

    Before you decide to subscribe, experience 4 weeks of CEO mastermind calls for free to explore new paths, receive generous feedback, and enjoy the Aha!-moments.

    3 - Become an active member

    Find your peers and shape a software business people just keep talking about by closing the gap on each of the 10 traits that define a remarkable software business together.

    Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO SalesChoice Inc.

    I have grown more in this tribe than in so many other expensive investments at conferences, or tradeshows.

    Jon Ruby, CEO Jonar

    Regularly engaging with a group of diverse but uniformly smart peers has been invaluable. I have gotten help in making very actionable decisions. You can't get that from subordinates, only peers.

    David Griffiths, CEO Fiscal Technologies

    'This quote from Rosabeth Kanter sums up what Ton does: 'Leaders must wake people out of inertia. They must get people excited about something they’ve never seen before, something that does not yet exist.'

    Riaz Kanani, CEO Radiate B2B

    The peer group are all founder Tech-entrepreneurs. That's invaluable. There are lots of groups out there, but none that are so product-focused around and bound up in our journey.

    Hew Leith, CEO Atomley

    These calls are great for refocusing. That's great because the one thing we can't buy more of in this world is time. That's the one thing we lose if we go down the wrong path: You could spend months doing the wrong thing.

    What makes the tribe special?

    Imagine a place to surround yourself with people like yourself: Tech-entrepreneurs who get you. People with a similar drive, who act like you and have experienced what you have not experienced yet. Imagine a place to level up together around a programmatic framework, and shape the software business your customers would miss if it were gone.

    Creating a software business people talk about is one thing. To keep them talking is another.

    It’s like a stretched goal. It requires continuous exploration of new paths. It requires something that’s challenging you to think bigger and differently and get you out of your comfort zone. It requires you to make many critical decisions – but avoid the mistakes others have made. It requires an environment for ideas to grow, where blind-spots are removed and no one will let you hide – because they care.

    Books, courses, or consultants won’t give you that.

    So that’s what the tribe will give you.


    Is your software business as good as you think it is? In 15 minutes you know how to make it even better.

    The Remarkable Index is an online assessment designed to challenge every perspective you have on the software business you own, run, or work for.

    It will force you to take an outside-in perspective and help you understand where your business stands with regards to each of the 10 traits that define a remarkable software business.

    It will give you clarity on what holds your company back and where to put your priorities to accelerate transforming your business into one your customers keep talking about.

    Remarkable Index

    Roy Wood, Chief Sales Officer, Advanced

    Ton's clarity of thought, insight and market experience in ERP has been a real asset to us as we have re-shaped ourselves into a ‘remarkable business’. His input helped us execute our business plan and achieve the company sale and reinvestment of £2 billion in December 2019.

    Nicole Kealey, VP, Intelligent Enterprise Marketing SAP

    'Ton is one of those unique marketing experts that can distill a lot of customer, market and product information quickly and pinpoint immediate opportunities to refine and strengthen your approach.'

    George Givishvili - CMO Bitfury Group

    'Ton has helped us create a value proposition for our Exonum Blockchain Development platform that stands out in a dense, highly competitive market.'

    Sally Scott, CMO - Advanced

    Ton has made us better storytellers. This enabled us to stand out in a highly competitive market and drive growth consequently. He's our mentor, someone who challenges us, removes our blind-spots, and brings out the best in us.

    Joaquim Santos, CEO ebankIT

    Ton has been an inspiration for all my team. His product marketing knowledge combined with the fast understanding of our target market allowed us to reshape the product marketing vision and create the most inspired value proposition for the Company.

    Do you still have questions? Let's talk

    I can imagine this all got you thinking:

    “Is this for me?”

    “What do I sign up for?”

    “Am I ready for this?”

    Sometimes the best step forward is to simply talk. A simple call can answer so many questions.
    I know our conversation will be inspiring, and give new insights and clarity. Just imagine where this could take you next..


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