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TL;DR – Most users have a story about how your SaaS made them proud – you’re only one ask away from them sharing it. 

How to turn every customer into an advocate in a sustainable way?

We explored this topic in yesterday’s CEO Mastermind – and here’s why:

The problem

  • If you’re unable to turn customers into advocates, creating predictable traction is very hard and expensive.

The difficulty

  • Different cultural behaviors by regions and industry
  • It’s nobody’s job’ – but everybody’s responsibility
  • The hassle with corporate governance

What’s at stake

  • Being unable to create fans can quickly make your brand bland. And that’s felt everywhere: in recruiting, your marketing budget, sales conversion, etcetera


Here’s the thing:

We always look up to those companies that grow exponentially by word of mouth. But let’s remember, all those companies started at zero as well. 

As such, it’s a mindset issue

  • It’s about being creative
  • It’s about creating habits
  • It’s about finding leverage

In respect to this, here are some ideas to get you started

  • Focus on people. Shift the focus from the company that bought your SaaS to the users that create experiences they’re proud of. 
  • Leverage the power of belonging. Consider Narrative Design to share an inspiring vision that people (your users) want to be part of. 
  • Make it a habit. 100s of opportunities go wasted because we don’t leverage the moments to ask people for help when we ‘meet’ them. 


The question for you to reflect upon:

How can you 10x the number of advocates for your SaaS products without wasting your scarce resources? 


Be Remarkable


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