🔆 2023 wish: More Memorable

If I could make one wish for 2023, let’s leverage the power of memorable more.

Memorable (ˈmɛm(ə)rəb(ə)l) adjective – Worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual.

Here’s why: In B2B SaaS, virtually everything I see is dry, dull, and factual. 

We seem to forget that even the most fact-hungry decision-makers are people too.

So, let’s dare to stand out.

To get you going – here are five techniques:

  • Start by keeping your language super simple – free of jargon – so that even a six-year-old can understand it.
  • Leverage unusual contrast: Combine an aspiration with an unusual constraint
  • Hit the right nerve – not by throwing your features at prospects – but by the effect and experience of those features.
  • Address what people secretly want (beyond what people need)
  • Use visceral language and immerse your prospects into stories: “Imagine ….”

Question for you to reflect upon

On a scale of 1-10, how memorable is your SaaS Solution’s opening section of the sales page? What if it was a 10?


Be Remarkable

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