🔆 3 ideas to make your SaaS product stand out.

A question I get almost every week is this one: What can we do differently to stand out?

Golden rule: If you want your SaaS business to stand out in the crowd, be different.

Trying to be the first or the best is tough, but you can be different in many ways. 


Here are 3 ideas on how to do it:



Think about what your prospect secretly wants and combine it with something that’s unexpected.

Example: Scale profitably, without giving up the things in your business you care about.


Idea 2. BE DIRECT .

Many SaaS companies p*ssy-foot by talking around the problem. The ones that stand out directly hit the right nerve.

Example: “Do you fear losing your business if market conditions don’t improve?”



Promises are cheap. Guarantees show guts. Think about what would make your customers cheer and you sweat.

Paddle, the UK’s fintech unicorn, is a great example of how to do it: “We take on liability for all fraud that takes place on our platform.”



Your ideal prospect won’t notice who’s ‘better,’ but will notice different.

SaaS companies that win know how to use it. 



Question for you to reflect upon

Contrast, directness, or guarantees – which of the 3 could you embrace tomorrow to make your SaaS stand out more?


Be Remarkable


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