🔆 3 misconceptions in creating predictability in SaaS...

In preparation for a panel discussion, we touched upon the topic of “Predictability.”

Every one of you will agree that you can’t grow your SaaS business without it.

It is knowing “How” that’s the golden question. Right?

You might smile, but here’s what I often see

😱 – Sandbagging. Deliberately committing to ‘less.’
😱 – Extrapolation of last year’s growth %. Copy… Paste
😱 – Broadening of your target market: Wider net, more fish

(Anything missing?)

Is it fun? Rarely
Does it work? Sometimes.
Are we fooling ourselves? Yep
Do we leave money on the table? Always

The problem is that we start with the top-line number, i.e., the value we want to create for OUR OWN COMPANY, instead of the value we can and should create for OUR CUSTOMERS.

Subtle difference – but a world of difference when it comes to creating predictability

What if we put value creation and our customers first?

🤔 – What are those top 5 most valuable and critical problems to solve this quarter/year?
🤔 – What characterizes the customers who’d benefit most from this (and are prepared to pay a premium?)
🤔 – What can we do differently to exceed their expectations – something they’ll happily remark about to all their peers?

Predictability starts with a thorough understanding of what makes you most valuable and remarkable in the eyes of your customers.

This shifts – and that’s where fantastic opportunity is created. An opportunity that’s not led by ‘that number we chase’. (Often it’s way bigger)

Question for you to reflect upon

How has H1 ’22 turned out for your SaaS business: Stressed? Chaotic? Or complete confidence? What should you do differently in the coming half to triple this number with ease?


Be Remarkable

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