๐Ÿ”† 5 tweaks to create predictable traction

๐Ÿ”† 5 tweaks to create predictable traction

I had several questions this week about what it takes to create predictable traction. So, here are 5 tweaks that I continuously see working:

  1. Aim to inspire someone – not everyone
  2. Address their most valuable AND critical problemย 
  3. Sell the transformation, not the feature
  4. Inspire action by hitting the right nerveย 
  5. Surprise

Many SaaS Businesses struggle to stand out – and really, few have to.

The essence: Stop trying to be “better” and start being different

Here are things to reflect upon this weekendย 

  1. Crystalize what makes your SaaS business remarkable
  2. Describe the characteristics of who’s prepared to pay a premium for that
  3. Articulate the three motivations why paying that premium is not a problem at all


Be Remarkable

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