🔆 A remarkable example of 'Hitting the right nerve in B2B SaaS': Equalture

Being remarkable in B2B Software is challenging but not impossible. That’s what Equalture proves again.

Earlier this week, I interviewed Charlotte Melkert, CEO of Equalture. As always, I pay a quick visit to the website of the SaaS brand in focus. Long story short: The Equalture website got me from the 1st second. And I do not even bait for them!

“For the pioneers who are no longer willing to accept the biases of resume-based hiring.”

Bang! Instantly clear who they are for – and who they’re not for. It speaks to who their ideal clients aspire to be. It speaks to what they stand for. It speaks to a valuable and critical problem.

Second headline: “Without us being aware of it, our biased habits kill our business,” followed by a short, but spot-on list of how this hurts business

Spot on! It’s simple, concrete, and triggering emotions. It instantly builds credibility that they – Equalture – get this and get them.

Third headline: It’s time to break our habits…..Focus on potential rather than on a CV

For their ideal customers, this does it. Three ‘yesses’ in a row and a rallying cry that gets them to act with force.

Here’s the thing

If you take position, you’ll start to become the magnet for the right customers.

If you make your message about them and hit the right nerve – they’ll listen and act.

Conversations will be energetic because you are both on the same wavelength and speak their language. They’ll feel that you believe what they believe. And that wins the deal, repeatedly.

Question for you to reflect upon

What will your ideal customers think the first seconds they visit your website? That’s for me!! Or…. “not for me….”


Be Remarkable


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