🔆 Are big logo's winning you - or are you winning them? 

In yesterday’s SaaS Founder mastermind, we ran a hot seat about a fascinating topic: Entering a new market.

The context: Making this happen via ‘the gorilla’ in this space that’s controlling the market business-wise and politically.

The challenge: They have extreme demands in the negotiation, wanting 100% exclusivity without willing to make any commitments.

Whether this is about partnership or selling directly, it’s a scenario many startups face: The challenge of winning big logos without being squeezed in the process.

So how do you go about it? Here’s the thing:

The first reaction is being impressed. If only we could get to work with that logo…That’s a dangerous starting point. They know it – and often abuse it. 

So, are all these requirements not signs of a bad audition and a potentially lousy marriage? Is this a customer/partner you get energy working with?

We need to remember to look at things from a position of strength.

  • What do they secretly desire that you can uniquely offer them?
  • What happens when they don’t get to work with you?
  • What’s that worth to them?

In other words – you have options to position yourself in a way where you’ll become incomparable to the alternatives. That’s negotiation power.

Don’t get blinded by ‘their size’ or ‘their brand value.’ You’d start off on the wrong foot. With that – no one wins. If it doesn’t feel good at the start, you’ll likely end up in an even uglier divorce. 

Work with partners and customers where there’s positive energy

  • People that deeply understand the value you’ll bring to them
  • People where you work together out of mutual respect
  • People where you’re on the same wave-length

Question for you to reflect upon:

Are big logo’s winning you – or are you winning them? 


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