🔆 Are the demos your team gives killing or accelerating deals?

🔆 Are the demos your team gives killing or accelerating deals?

I’ve had two inspiring conversations this week where ‘the demo’ appeared to be the deal killer instead of the accelerator. 

I’ve written about it many times – and likely, this won’t be the last one. 

But since we’ve entered the last month of the year, I wanted to share five fundamental principles to challenge how you do your demos – so it can still contribute to ending the year with a bang.

What characterizes a SaaS demo that accelerates sales?

  • It goes straight to the problem. It hooks the viewer by diving straight into the essence of a real-life and urgent situation.
  • It creates desire. It takes the buyer on an imaginative journey and connects to something they want or aspire.
  • It creates urgency. It makes people reflect on their feet and realize why doing nothing is not an option. 
  • It’s simple to follow. It leverages storytelling, analogies, or personal experiences to get complex concepts/situations across in an easy way.
  • It feels human, i.e., conversational, on the same wavelength as the buyer, refrains from jargon, and subtly addresses their frustrations, fears, doubts, and hopes

Key takeaway: Make it about them. Position them as the hero. 

Question for you to reflect upon

If you analyze the latest demo, your team gave – how many principles did that demo tick? What does that mean?


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