🔆 Are we being too transactional? 

Value creation sparks when we center it around people.

I’ve posted twice this week about how many B2B SaaS companies struggle to balance Value Creation and Value Capture. For some reason, the focus shifts easily to value capturing. And this makes value capturing harder as time goes by.

I reflected upon that today, and the key takeaway I took from the conversations I had this week is this: By involving customers as people and being less transactional, things balance by themselves.

Here’s the thing:

Asking for examples that work in my weekly CEO Mastermind with B2B SaaS CEOs, this got mentioned:

  • ‘We recognize customers with awards for ‘right use’ of our product.’
  • ‘We’re inviting customers to work with us to prioritize key parts of our roadmap.’
  • ‘We invite our customers quarterly to challenge us on something out of our scope and work with us to solve it.’
  • ‘We openly talk with our customers about the things that are not going well – and address areas of improvement together.’

The essence of all topics mentioned is this: We make people (that happen to be our customers) feel they’re directly contributing.

With that, we’re sparking a primary human emotion: an increased desire to want to work more with you.

It’s not necessary reaching your targets feels hard.

Creating value works best when it’s done together with your customers. They love that. They’re winning – and as a consequence, you’re winning.

As the saying goes: it’s about giving and taking. And even if you ask for help – you’re giving your customer an opportunity to make a difference. That creates a bond.

Question for you to reflect upon

When was the last time customers told you (or their peers) they love working with you? What does that mean?


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