🔆 Are you Exit Ready?

TL;DR – Even if you’re not planning an exit for your SaaS business, it makes you stronger doing ‘as if.’

Yesterday was ‘hot seat’ day in our B2B SaaS CEO Mastermind. And the question explored was: What would being ‘Exit Ready’ look like? 

It is a valuable question, even if you’re not planning to exit.

Here’s the thing

Imagine a potential acquirer knocks on your door tomorrow. 

  • What story would you tell them?
  • What should they get most excited about?
  • What aspect would they consider most valuable?

There’s no better strategy than to control the conversation from a position of strength.

And strength starts by being prepared. 

So what would being optimally prepared look like? 

Here are some relevant questions to explore:

  1. What metrics do you want to be considered top-tier on?
  2. What or whom do you want to be compared against, and what does that mean? 
  3. What are the ideal characteristics (aspirations, mindset, market position, category, …) of the perfect acquirer
  4. How can you be on their radar with them without signaling ‘we’re for sale.’
  5. How would you build competition into the process IF you were ever approached? 

Answering those questions will make you stronger as a whole. It will strengthen your positioning, value proposition, product strategy – everything.

Your customers will love you for it, which makes your SaaS business even more attractive.


Question for you to reflect upon

Are you Exit Ready today? What should be in place to be?


Be Remarkable


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