๐Ÿ”† Attracting more and better customers.

Last Thursday, I ran a workshop with the Sales & Marketing team of one of my customers in Germany.

One question we explored was: What can we do differently together to become a magnet for the right customers?

It always fascinates me how much low-hanging fruit is right in front of us that we forget to get leverage from.

What we typically think is: do more

  • more webinars
  • more advertising
  • more activity on Linkedin
  • more functionality on the website
  • more ‘pain-focused’ marketing material

What we forget to answer: what does all that ‘more’ needs to be about, and do we need to drive it in the first place?

What if we’d start like this: Let customers do the talking.

  • Make them shine on your podcast
  • Bring fans together to exchange value actively
  • Ask users about the moment you help them make the biggest difference

Make it about them. Let them talk about the things that make them proud.

Imagine the value this can bring, how simple this can be, and much this would strengthen your relationship with them.

Question for you to reflect upon

What stories aren’t you leveraging yet from your customers? What if you just asked?


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