๐Ÿ”† Being human always wins...

I woke up early this morning to work on my 2nd book ‘Remarkable Resilience.’

And while reading some of the interviews from the past months with B2B SaaS CEOs, one thing kept me thinking:

The power of being human.

It’s a common thread throughout my interviews: In times of crisis, being human matters.

  • It gives people the sense they’re not alone
  • It opens people up
  • It bonds

But it doesn’t stop there.
Being human matters with everything

Yesterday I started a Value Foundation project with a new client
During our first workshop, we dove into the question:

Who’re you for, and who are you not for?

It’s always inspiring to see where the energy kicks in.

And it’s typically the moment where business insights (‘they’re process-driven. They value efficiency, ….’ get replaced by human insights: ‘They aspire X. They fear Y. They get frustrated with Z.’

In B2B SaaS, we don’t market to organizations or businesses…

We market to people.
People like you and me.
People that have hopes, fears, and frustrations

โ˜๏ธ – Let’s make being human the norm in how we run our business and market our solutions, not the afterthought.

Question to reflect upon:

What’s the one thing you could do today to become more human in how you communicate with prospects, customers, and employees?


Be Remarkable

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