🔆 Better is not always best

🔆 Better is not always best

Friday, we had another breakthrough moment in developing the value proposition for the SaaS platform from one of my customers. The thing I took away from that experience is this:

We often underplay the power of our product. 

That doesn’t help anyone.

Here’s the thing:

It’s not about how we perceive our solution. It’s about how our customers perceive it. 

Too often, we get obsessed with the competition around us.

We believe that what they have, we need as well.

That’s wrong.

It’s not about the depth of our functionality. It’s about the depth by which we solve our customer’s biggest problems.  

It’s about how you approach the problem. And it’s is where being different matters. 

Question for you to reflect upon:

What % of your development capacity could you free up if you’d stop trying to be better than all your competitors and instead aimed to be different for your ideal customer? 

Be Remarkable – be different.
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