🔆 Betting the growth of your SaaS business on Word-of-Mouth 

🔆 Betting the growth of your SaaS business on Word-of-Mouth 

What if outbound sales just isn’t working for your SaaS business? What would you do to spark growth?

It was a dilemma Sarah Hawley, CEO of Growmotely, conquered by switching focus to organic growth driven by word of mouth.

In my interview with her, we discuss in detail how she’s made this the engine behind her business to fuel a global movement. 

Beyond that, what makes this interview a must-listen-to is:

  • Sarah’s vision about what it’s really like to create a remote-first business
  • The product strategy lessons she learned
  • What it took to bring her solution to market in order to gain traction
  • Why she dropped the idea of being venture-backed.
  • What’s needed beyond a strong vision, to start a movement? 
  • What she did differently to achieve 48% referral rate (and growing)

Listen to the interview with Sarah

Question for you to reflect upon:

What would it take for your SaaS business to achieve your growth aspirations by betting your sales motion on word-of-mouth?


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