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Over the past weeks, I’ve been writing about product market fit at various times. Today I’ve published a long-form blog to answer some critical questions. Here’s the summary:

I started the blog to answer a question I often get: ‘How to achieve and maintain the strongest Product-Market Fit in B2B SaaS?’

I started by zooming into the three steps to determine product-market fit: 

  1. Clarity
  2. Continuity
  3. Criticality

Then I zoomed in on the fact product market is something you feel but can’t plan. 

In too many SaaS businesses, it’s an illusion that negatively impacts everything: Long sales cycles. Low win-rates. Dreading implementation cycles. Customer success dramas. Slow adoption. High churn. Don’t even think about those companies that landed a new round of funding based on this illusion…..

I then zoomed in on product-market fit strength and why that is important. Product-market fit only gets you into the door. It’s not enough to create a pull effect. You want to be able to answer this question: “What do you uniquely offer that someone desperately wants? I.e., it would be best if you delivered Fit + and Edge. 

Then we arrived at the big question: What’s required to achieve the strongest possible product market fit and keep it?

  1. Be ultra-clear about the business you’re really in.
  2. Be even more clear about who you are FOR – and NOT FOR
  3. Stop trying to be better – Aim to be different.
  4. Create new value possibilities.

Lastly, the kicker: How can you accelerate the process?

  1. The who: Be ultra-specific about who’s it for / who’s it not for. 
  2. The what: Be ultra-specific about the one thing your ideal persona wants from your solution. 
  3. The how: Obviously, you need to deliver the basics, i.e., the table stakes, first. But don’t stop there. It’s not about what you build but how your ideal user experiences it. 

Remember: Product-market fit fully depends on expectations from your ideal customers: You vs. their alternatives. It’s about their perspective and how this will change their life compared to what they have in relation to what they aspire to have. People are willing to give up more, the stronger / bigger that gap is. The opportunity is to create that gap. Set the norm.

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