🔆 Can a Bootstrapped company outperform well-funded businesses?

🔆 Can a Bootstrapped company outperform well-funded businesses?

“Today we’re well-funded, but the period where we were less well-capitalized than some of our competitors has been helpful to us”

It’s just one aspect of the inspiring conversation I had with Christine Tao, CEO of Sounding Board, Inc Board

In this interview we address the following:

👉 – Her big lessons learned during the pandemic – and what needed to be done to not only survive but actually come out stronger as a company.
👉 – How to create an organization that’s aligned and autonomous, and at the same time more creative and powerful
👉 – Why the way to survive an existential crisis is not to increase focus on your own company, but on that of your customers

The link to the full interview.

Question for you to reflect upon:

What advantages would your SaaS business gain if you’d keep it bootstrapped?


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