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As you have noticed, I’ve written a number of times about demand creation in the past weeks. Last week I highlighted the power of Narrative design – and that drove some inspiring discussions.

What I realized is how little is known about it – hence a bit more on Narrative Design today., and in specifically how it can be applied across every phase of your funnel, and how you can leverage it to align your SaaS business. 

Here’s the thing

As discussed last week, narrative design gives everybody inside the company the story about the undeniable change in the world that you’re addressing, why it’s so hard for your ideal customers to embrace that (showcasing empathy), what challenges that provide them, and what you’re doing to make them succeed: The new game.

Narrative design unites your team. It gets everyone rowing in the same direction. Applying it well will give you vector alignment.

It gives you a framework to communicate your unique point of view on the market and grounds how your SaaS product will help people achieve it. 

And this makes it the perfect instrument to leverage across all different parts of your funnel: 

  • Top of the funnel: here, you can leverage it to talk about the undeniable change in the world. That’s great for blogging, PR, and Social Media. 
  • High/Middle of the funnel: here, you can leverage it to talk about the winners and losers of the new game created by the undeniable change in the world. That allows for exciting content for your website, and the new game itself can inspire inspiring content for an academy (to educate the market)
  • Middle of the funnel: here, you can fuel a flywheel for evangelism, bringing fans of your game who aren’t users of your product into the process – and empowering to drive awareness.
  • Sales process: helping your sales force empathize with how hard it is to do – addressing the pains – and leveraging that moment to optimally position you how you can make the most significant difference for your prospect.

Here’s where your value proposition takes over.

As you can see, Narrative Design is not a one-off thing. Instead, it fuels different kinds of storytelling. 

  1. Brand Storytelling: Crafting a compelling narrative around your SaaS brand.
  2. Product Storytelling: In this case, a narrative is created around specific products or services, making your product more relatable and memorable to potential customers.
  3. Customer Journey Mapping: Taking your prospects from their first interaction with you to the point of purchase and beyond. It will help you optimize the customer’s experience at each journey stage.
  4. Internal Storytelling: To help convey company values, inspire employees, facilitate change, and reinforce the company culture.
  5. Content Marketing: to inspire the creation of engaging, story-driven content that resonates with the target audience.

Question for you to reflect upon

What problems could you solve inside your SaaS business if you’d leverage Narrative Design?


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