🔆 Creating strong growth without marketing skills

Imagine you’re building a SaaS tool that can be used by anyone for 1000s of things.

How do you start growing in a predictable way when you aren’t a skilled marketer? 

That’s the problem I explored in my interview with a software engineer by heart and an introvert by nature: 

Justin Chen, CEO of PickFu.


Here are my 5 highlights:

  1. Find the problems that some segments in your market face more often than others. 
  2. Filter the use cases that are perceived as the most valuable.
  3. Approach these use cases as an outsider, and create something even a novice can be successful with.
  4. Do what your competitors won’t do – overdeliver on what you promise by adding human touch where needed.
  5. Take out all the friction in the process so new customers get their AHA moment in <15 minutes. 


Click here to listen to the podcast with Justin.


Question for you to reflect upon:

What’s one tactic you keep using to create momentum as you launch new products?


Be Remarkable


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