🔆 Cut the BS – Say it like a human

🔆 Cut the BS – Say it like a human

Many of you know that I’m fascinated by what makes SaaS businesses remarkable – i.e., worth making a remark about.

My last meeting this Friday was a 1-on-1 with one of the CEOs in my Mastermind. We workshopped some of the messaging of his product.

Here’s my reflection on what made the difference
🤔 – Some lines got stronger by stripping them to the essence
🤔 – Some lines got stronger by cutting the jargon
🤔 – Some lines got stronger by adding context
🤔 – All lines got stronger by making them more human

Key takeaways:
Remarkable SaaS businesses realize that

👉 – it’s not about selling to companies but about making humans buy from us
👉 – That the simpler they explain the complex problem they solve, the more connection they create …with humans
👉 – They shorten the deal cycle the more they get on the same wave length …with humans

The question I typically raise when someone struggles with their messaging:

How would you explain it if you’d have a coffee with your ideal prospect?

Suddenly all the BS disappears, and we say it as it is – like a human. Suddenly we have a helpful, meaningful conversation.

Question for you to reflect upon

If you look at the messaging for your SaaS solution – how much of it would you proudly use ‘as is’ when you converse over a cup of coffee with a prospect?


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