🔆 The transformational advantage of your SaaS suite 

Customers will pay a premium for the advantage you provide them, not an individual benefit.

In a recent Traction Foundation Pressure Cooker I ran, one of my customers asked this: 

What’s the difference between benefit and advantage?

Great question. 

To me, they are like ‘best friends.’ They go together everywhere.

Let me illustrate this: Let’s say you’re selling a B2B SaaS solution. And your solution solves some mission-critical problems for your customers in a unique way.

How you do that provides a range of benefits to your customers. 

The moment they start to use it, they’ll see impact around f.ex.:

  1. they begin to complete tasks faster
  2. the quality of their actions goes up
  3. the amount of work they can handle goes up
  4. the insights they get are more accurate and timely – driving better decisions

All benefits from your solution.

But when you add them all up – they translate into a much larger advantage for your customer. Something transformative, enabling them to become a different business as a consequence.

  1. A cost-price advantage
  2. A speed-to-market advantage
  3. A reliability advantage
  4. ….

And this becomes your advantage. This is what sparks the Remarkable Effect inside your SaaS business. Something your customers will start talking about and keep talking about.

What if you’d leverage the advantage you provide to position yourself?


Question for you to reflect upon

If you’d add up the key benefits of your SaaS suite, what transformational advantage does that bring your customers?


Be Remarkable


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