🔆 Delivering desirable outcomes that customers keep talking about.

TL;DR – Predictable traction starts when your SaaS starts to deliver outcomes that people keep talking about.

This quote from my interview with Rafi Wadan, CEO of Stargazr, represents a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon. 

What fascinates me about Stargazr is that it both predicts what will happen and prescribes what people need to do next. So when I asked, ‘Was that the focus right from the start?’ this is what he answered:

It was the initial vision. I always had the idea of seeing a CEO or a CFO who could get all his questions answered by a machine.

So that was how I always tried to build Stargazer. I knew that the prescriptive part was super complex. So we created a framework and used our customer advisory board to ensure this whole model with the prescriptive analytics actually works.

And then, in the beginning, we usually had customers who did a 30-day POC, and our tool identified and recommended solutions on how to solve bottlenecks, which were in six digits in terms of profit.

Here’s the thing

The decision to do what’s extremely hard first separates his business from other Financial Planning & Analysis suites

Rather than presenting pretty dashboards (like everyone else), they are going a step further and recommend solutions to help Manufacturers solve 6-figure bottlenecks – around the clock. 

They’re not focused on the output – but on the outcome. And that’s a core driver for predictable traction. 

These are opportunities you get when you acknowledge you can’t please everyone, i.e., you niche down. Because then you can focus on the essence and create new value possibilities that are highly desirable by your ideal customer. (See chapters 1, 5, and 7 in my book The Remarkable Effect)

Listen to the interview with Rafi (the quote starts at the 15.31 mark)


Question for you to reflect upon

What’s an outcome your SaaS solution delivers that customers keep talking about? What would need to be true to step up?


Be Remarkable


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