🔆 Does your barber 'get' your SaaS positioning statement?

I walked through Javea Puerto yesterday morning, relishing the livelihood. Friends accidentally met each other. People enjoyed an early glass of wine on a terras overseeing the bay; others went for a quick haircut to look smart for what’s to come in the evening.

As I watched this happening, it struck me how many opportunities we have again (after two years of COVID) to get a spontaneous introduction to exciting people or potential clients.

Just think of it – during our conversations at our barber. Then, on that terras, as we have a quick chat with the waiter, and so on.

How often do we get the question: “So, what do you do?” as a conversation starter?

The opportunity is in how we answer it: Does it start a conversation or kill it?

Let me explain: A big part of the value is whether the person you talk to gets it even though they are not your ideal customer.

Why? Because who knows whether they know someone that is your ideal customer that they could introduce you to.

A great positioning statement triggers Rolodex moments.

Question for you to reflect upon:
When your barber asks you (or any of the employees in your SaaS business): “What do you do?” – will it trigger a Rolodex moment?

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