πŸ”† Β “DROOM – Don’t Run Out Of Money”

πŸ”† Β “DROOM – Don’t Run Out Of Money”

Yesterday’s CEO mastermind opened with a bold statement: “B2B SaaS companies are going to have a reckoning in 2023…”

On my trip to the US last week, I talked to several large ecosystem movers, and here are my conclusions:

    1. There’s going to be a market correction.
    2. It’s an investor’s market right now.
    3. Many B2B SaaS companies will have to accept a significant hit in valuation.

The most heard advise I got from them was: DROOM – Don’t Run Out Of Money.

The big question then becomes – How to go about this?

It drove a fascinating discussion -particularly around spotting micro-trends that could become the flywheel for your business.

Here’s the thing

Micro trends are everywhere – in good times and bad times. As odd as it may sound, the energy crisis, for example, is creating flywheels of growth everywhere around us.

Simply think of mission-critical businesses (f.ex. utilities), solar panel providers, renewable energy businesses, or sharing conceptsβ€”all booming.

Or think of what’s happened as a consequence of COVID around the transformation of the job market, distributed workforces, work on demand, data privacy (web3 movement), and all the implications around mental health. All flywheels for growth.

Question for you to reflect upon

What flywheels have become more relevant for your business – so you Don’t Run Out Of Money?


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