🔆 Economic downturn... how does this change our customer's thinking?...

Yesterday the word ‘recession’ came up a number of times in conversations I had with B2B SaaS CEOs.

Here are some things I noted:

👎 – In a recession, customers will get protective about:
– Spending any budgets on non-critical stuff.
– Their cost-base: Adjusting it in line with revenue (Meaning: Layoffs)
– Protecting their cashflow runway to ensure they can pay the bills

👍 – In a recession, they will shift their attention to this
– Investment in technology to keep critical services going
– Investment in technology that brings immediate and apparent value
– Favor commercial constructions that improve their cashflow runway

🤔 – What does this mean?

What used to sell well yesterday won’t necessarily sell nicely tomorrow.

Question for you to reflect about:

Imagine we hit a recession: What would be the one mission-critical problem your SaaS solution can solve and exceed expectations on?

What does that mean to the way you are positioned now?


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