🔆 Engineering to spark rapid adoption 

🔆 Engineering to spark rapid adoption 

Many startups struggle to create rapid adoption.

One quote from my interview with Shaunak Roy, CEO of Yellowdig, earlier this week represents a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon. When I asked him what advice he’d loved to have known before, he answered this:

Understand the problem as deeply as possible. Talking to people costs little money; building and rebuilding products cost a lot.

Here’s the thing:

More often than not, we think we understand the problem – but we don’t. I see this all the time in the value proposition work I do. We mistake the cause of the problem for the real problem, which puts us on a dangerous track.

Shaunuk’s advice is valuable. As he says in the interview, talk to 50 to 100 customers – until you’ve convinced yourself what the real problem is. 

It means you need to have strong indicators that what you’re about to solve is:

  • highly valuable
  • critical on their agenda
  • something you can exceed expectations on

Then start building. What you do is protect yourself from hefty reengineering, gap-fixing, retesting, and re-launching cost when you’re not getting the traction you hoped for. Or even worse – the cost of having to kill your product afterall. 

More likely, you’ll end up with quotes like this: 

“I love it so much that I do not want to teach without having Yellowdig again.”

Listen to the interview with Shaunak (the quote starts at the 42.50 mark)


Question for you to reflect upon

When was the last time a user told you they love your product so much they can’t see themselves working without it? So what can you do in your next sprint to 10x that?


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