🔆 “Focus on BEP or go all-in on growth?”

This was the challenge we addressed in last week’s live CEO Mastermind session.

One of the members is at a cross-road on what to bet his business on for the next 12 months: The path to break-even-point or go All-in to reach/fund the next growth point.

🤔 — The problem?

– His business has been growing fast in the past years, and the outlook for 2022 is still strong (4x).
– However, his investors are pushing toward a cost-conservative plan, anticipating a global downturn.

⚠️ — What’s at stake?

– “Choosing route A (BEP) — growth slowdown, impacting future valuation and our ability to raise funding.”
– “Choosing route B (bet on growth) — Burn cash fast, shorter runway, and potentially put our entire business at risk”

🌀 —The difficulty?

– “The voices in my head.”

Here’s the thing:

No one has a crystal ball — and one crisis isn’t the other. From all my interviews with SaaS CEOs for my second book ‘Remarkable Resilience’, two themes are coming out strong: 1) Avoid emotions to lead your decisions and 2) Help your customers survive.
So one perspective to take is: What would help your customers most?

The question for you to reflect upon:

What would you decide if you’d be in the hot seat with these parameters?

Be Remarkable

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