🔆 Freeing up 10% margin (while creating more fans)

How can you free up 10%+ extra margin to make your SaaS business better prepared to withstand tough times? 

That was the Quest we explored with a special hot seat in yesterday’s SaaS CEO Mastermind

One member still experienced considerable margin waste in his onboarding process and asked the group for help.


The challenge

The onboarding process we discussed consists of 18 steps and is fully automated, but there are still various moments when customers want to speak with a domain expert. That’s where the margin problem hides.

The constraints

  1. The onboarding experience is one of their competitive advantages. 
  2. It is the process where they are creating fans and long-term bonding.
  3. Outsourcing the manual to a lawyer, notary, or accountant is not an option, since there’s a conflict of interest (or worse – they’re competitors) 

What’s at stake?

Loss of competitive advantage, serious margin drain, and, on top of that, churn.


The outcome

After we had a round of clarifying questions and reflection, several solution paths came out – let me share my favorites:

  • Pace onboarding. In this case, the onboarding is complicated with too many choices (and hence questions). So, make customers crawl first before you allow them to run. It’s a win-win.
  • Embrace the need. Offer tiered onboarding packages with clear pricing, whereby customers can get their desired level of expert support. Not every customer is equal. This way, it’s fair to everyone, and the focus can be on creating fans instead of feeling squeezed.
  • Build a “We’re in this together” feel. Consider weekly Office hours. Instead of doing many 1-on-1 handholding sessions, organize sessions where all new customers can join to ask questions and level up with peers. This creates bonding at the same time.


Remember – 

Increasing your margin doesn’t have to be about cutting corners.

Consider what helps turn customers into fans – and find the wins there.


Question for you to reflect upon

How can you increase your margins while at the same time building customers for life? 



Be Remarkable


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