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Last week, I had a Zoom call with a SaaS CEO from Boston, MA, and she asked me, ‘I see you’re talking more these days about Funding Freedom – what is that all about?’

And she’s right – I have dropped that phrase more than once in the last two months. 

It all clicked when I recently listened to a podcast featuring an interview with Jonathan Stark. The first question was: ‘Tell us about your mission.’

His answer was, ‘To rid the world of hourly billing. It’s so bad…’


Somehow, those last three words landed…

So I started thinking about “what’s “so bad” in my world. 

Something that makes me cringe when I see it.


And the words that came up were “Funding desperation.”

The stress.

The short-sidedness it creates.

The madness of meeting someone else’s expectations.



I’ve literally never heard any SaaS CEO talk positively about funding the business. 

At best, they are happy because it was ‘this’ or no business at all.

So, it’s a necessary evil. 


I am not sure about you, but that makes me cringe.

So my mission shifted a bit indeed: 


To rid the B2B SaaS world of Funding Desperation and create … Funding Freedom.

Freedom to stand on your own legs.

Freedom to say ‘No’ when you want to.

Freedom to do what’s best for the business long-term.


This way, funding becomes a choice, not a set option.


Question for you to reflect upon

What’s happening in your industry that’s ‘so bad…’? What if you’d become the SaaS vendor to change that?


Be Remarkable


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