🔆 Goosebumps….

🔆 Goosebumps….

Friday morning, we were just 10 minutes into our podcast interview when Chris Dial Dail, CEO of Salutare, shared a story…

It was the story that sparked the foundation of his company.

As he told the story in all its detail, goosebumps appeared…
I was surprised by how much it did to me …

It told me 3 things:
🔥 – How one real-life story can spark meaningful change.
🔥 – How one heartfelt story can change perception in a split second and turn laggards into buyers
🔥 – How one story can unite people and cause a movement that opens critical doors for you

Every day is full of powerful stories.

Every day your customers are going through the motions.
And it’s your SaaS solution that so often makes them the hero.

What if we’d have a bit more eye for that?

A question for you to reflect upon

Which customer could you personally call on Monday to ask: Can you share a moment that made you proud after using our product?


Be Remarkable

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