🔆 Growing customers 10x in the first year.

How to create a product so valuable customers buy 10x more in the first year?

That’s the question I discussed with serial SaaS entrepreneur: Pete Christothoulou, CEO of Xembly.

Here are my 5 insights from the interview:

  1. Double down on delivering the customer results you can 100% control. 
  2. Spend more time than you’re comfortable learning about the real problem your customers suffer from.
  3. Make a clear decision on who you are NOT going to allow to use your product (even though they would love to).
  4. Ensure you have a concrete metric you can stare at each day: For example Time saved.
  5. Don’t just deliver the expected, go beyond: for example do not only save people time, but ensure they spend the regained time most valuable.


Click here to listen to the interview with Pete.


Question for you to reflect upon:

Which insight could you embrace today so that your SaaS product becomes more valuable AND more desirable?


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