🔆 Growing faster with fewer people

🔆 Growing faster with fewer people

“We went from zero to $3 million in run rate in <2 years; there was no sales nor marketing team.”

It’s a quote from Alex Levin, CEO of Regal. 

In my podcast interview with him, we explore the secrets behind the rapid growth of his SaaS business.

Beyond that, what makes this interview a must-listen-to is this:

  • Why we should prioritize creating wealth for everyone in your company rather than glorifying raising money.
  • What you should be looking for in conversations about new products with customers
  • That you don’t have to have a huge engineering team to build products that drive revenue from the start
  • How to successfully grow your SaaS business faster with fewer people
  • How to create a SaaS business that becomes critical infrastructure for your customers

Listen to the interview with Alex

Question for you to reflect upon:

What could you do differently to grow your SaaS business faster with fewer people – creating wealth for everybody? 


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