🔆 Growing from 0 to 20000 subscribers in < 7 months

Growing from 0 to 20000 subscribers in < 7 months

If you realize the <7 months is not an aspiration but a hard deadline (the actual runway), this can be a pretty scary target.

It was the challenge we addressed in last week’s CEO Mastermind.

The actual question to untangle was:
“Which channel should we bet our efforts on – B2C, Professional Coaches, or B2B?”

Here’s the thing:
A discussion about ‘channel’ is meaningless if it’s not 100% crystal clear what ‘expensive’ problem is solved. And for each target audience, in this case, that’s different.

The art is to get super specific on the ‘Why’ instead of sticking to the ‘What.’

By creating a list of the problems potential customers struggle with – and then quantifying the size of the problem ( on a scale of 1-10: how valuable is it to solve and how critical/urgent is it on their agenda). Then lastly, quantify (1-10) per problem where your app can exceed expectations.

That gives the clarity to position yourself optimally.
It gives the clarity to understand who you’re for and who you’re not for.
And most likely, clarity of which channel to bet your focus.

The question to reflect upon:

If you’d ask your ideal customers to visit your SaaS website – would they be able to get in <7 seconds what exact problem you can help them solve?

If not – what if they could?


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