๐Ÿ”† Growth = Speed * Momentum

๐Ÿ”† Growth = Speed * Momentum

This weekend I read the blog ‘Navigating Chaos‘ from Guillaume Moubeche, CEO of Lempire. I loved the simplicity of his definition of growth:ย 

Growth = Speed * Momentum.ย 

Speed is basically how quickly you go from idea to execution.
Momentum is how the market responds to your actions.

I’d like to add to this to address several misconceptions

  • Speed is not about cutting corners
  • Speed is not about rushing thingsย 

Speed should be about creating a remarkable outcome fast. That’s about:

  • Focusing on the essence
  • Focusing on being different, not just better
  • Focusing on someone, not everyone

On to creating momentum

  • Momentum is not about push and hard-sell
  • Momentum is not about many one-off purchases

Momentum is about creating a motion that’s hard to stop. That’s about

  • Focusing on creating a pull effect in the marketย 
  • Focusing on creating a desire to buy more, more often.
  • Focusing on getting customers to talk about you

Question for you to reflect upon

What underpins the growth of your SaaS business? Which element could you focus on to surprise everyone: Speed or Momentum?ย 

Be Remarkable – be different.
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