🔆 Happy... or successful customers?

“We’re good at finding happy customers. We’re not good at understanding what makes them successful.”

It’s a quote from an MD of one of my customers that intrigued me yesterday – and here’s why:

Failing to understand this undermines your ability to

  •  keep competitors out
  •  attract look-alikes
  •  upsell to them
  •  be resourceful 

Happy customers are great, but only if you get why. 

So how should you go about it?

Often the answers are right in front of us – it just requires a slight change in our behavior: Ask different questions

  •  Ask more ‘Why?’
  •  Ask what moments your SaaS helps them make the biggest difference
  •  Ask them how that makes them feel

People try to be polite. It’s easy to say ‘I am happy’ – whether they are… or not.

  • If they are – they’ll be happy to tell you why. The reflection itself works like magic. It will make them proud.
  • If they say they’re happy but really are not so much – that’s your opportunity to find out and do something about it. 

Finding out what makes your customers successful is pure gold. It helps sharpen everything – your marketing, sales, customer success – even R&D.

That builds momentum.

Question for you to reflect upon

What makes the people that use your SaaS product successful? What if you’d leverage that more?


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