🔆  Have you got oddly specific about what defines your fans?

🔆  Have you got oddly specific about what defines your fans?

One quote from my interview earlier this week with Sunny Han, CEO of Fulcrum, represents a valuable lesson about segmentation worth reflecting upon.

When I asked him: What have you learned in the segmentation process? How deep do you have to go? He answered this:

We first reached for the easy answers and then got to the hard ones. And the hard one is: ‘Who are the customers that they’re happiest with you, and what are the true reasons why?’ And then think about other people that might share that problem. 

Great segmentation always starts out extremely abstract, to the point where you’re thinking, ‘How the hell am I ever going to target people that are like this?’ 

But you’ll find ways. All sorts of ideas start coming out when you get oddly specific. But the intuition is you can’t get oddly specific because you can’t target. So you have to push through that intuition to get oddly specific and then reverse engineer how you target it from there.

Here’s the thing:

It’s a barrier you must go through, indeed. That starts with being OK with the fact you can’t please everyone. You want those customers that have the highest chance of becoming your fan. Everything else is a distraction that kills momentum, repeatability, scalability, and creating leverage.

Once you break with that intuition, it changes everything. How you prospect. What channels you use. How you qualify. How

Listen to the podcast (this quote starts at the 28.15 mark)

Question for you to reflect upon:

Have you got oddly specific enough about the customers who are happiest with you, and what are their actual reasons?  


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