🔆 How are you de-worrying your SaaS customers?

One quote from my interview with Sarah Hawley, CEO of Growmotely, earlier this week represents a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon. 

When I asked her what shapes her product strategy decisions – this is what she answered:

I want people to be empowered to live and move wherever they want. It’s a very real thing in my world that people are traveling around and moving to different countries, and I like that I don’t have to worry about that, and they don’t have to worry about that. They don’t need to ask my permission; they don’t need to see if they can keep their job. It’s like they do whatever they want in their lives. 

Here’s the thing:

“No Worries” is the principle that underpins what makes her solution remarkable. Unlike alternative solutions, she and her team didn’t focus on making existing things easier; they concentrated on de-worrying the owners and their employees working for them from the challenges of running a Remote-first business.

  • It is about making hurdles go away completely.
  • It is about just making things happen. 

That creates fans – and that’s resulting in word of mouth that they can build upon

Listen to the interview with Sarah (the quote starts at the 16.00 mark)


Question for you to reflect upon

How are you de-worrying your SaaS customers? What could that look like to make you remarkable?

Be Remarkable

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