🔆 How are your customers perceiving the value of your SaaS solution?

One quote from my interview with Aleks Gollu, CEO of 11Sight, earlier this week represents a valuable lesson worth reflecting upon.

When I asked him how 11Sight makes customers perceive the unique value they offer, this is what he answered:

Our customer, Fiat, compared conversions and realized that it’s three times more likely a video-initiated interaction will result in a sale than any other internet lead.

So, our solution connects each contact and all relevant details to a generated deal and ultimately to revenues as that deal closes. All that information informs marketing, what’s working, and tells sales what’s working. Showing those statistics back to the customer is how we articulate our value: If you’re closing more, always be closing.

Here’s the thing:

This remark underpins the predictability of the traction they create for their customers (and themselves).

  1. Instead of focusing on everyone that could use video calls – they focus on those use cases where value and urgency are the highest.
  2. They provide the video call capability and feed the system with critical data that informs the customer what’s working and what’s not, thereby fueling the machine to become better and better.

That drives both adoption and diffusion within the company. 

That’s the secret behind high NRR rates. 

As Aleks states: 

Always look at the value you are creating and how your customers perceive it. Because if that’s not there, you’re not going to be able to grow.

It’s a trade Remarkable SaaS businesses master. They focus on the essence, create new value possibilities – and design their solution to grow value and desirability.

With that – they create predictable traction.

Listen to the podcast (this quote starts at the 16.10 mark)


Question for you to reflect upon:

What are you doing to make your customer constantly perceive the value of your SaaS solution? What can you do to make that even more apparent? 

Be Remarkable

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