🔆 "How can we better equip sales to deliver top performance?"

“How can we better equip sales to deliver top performance?”

That’s the intriguing question I explore with Ariel Hitron, CEO of Second Nature, today.

Honestly, I got blown away by what’s possible these days. In fact, I’d wish I could use this product in my business.

But enough about that – Here’s what you can expect from listening to the interview yourself:

We explore what’s broken in the way we equip sales to deliver top performance.

Specifically, we discuss the disconnect between marketing and sales (which was so recognizable to me from earlier in my career). Ariel explains vividly how things can change for the better if these departments would understand each other better.

But he also shares the big lessons he learned from starting and gaining traction with his own SaaS business in a very crowded market.

Last but not least, he provides a do and don’t to peer CEOs on what it takes to build a software business that no one can ignore.

Besides this, we also addressed:

▷ Why do so many software vendors fail to get the traction they hope for?

▷ How to overcome the cynicism in the market around embracing innovation

▷ The best investments to make in the early stage of your product evolution

▷ How to go about making big steps forward on your start-up journey without burning yourself out


Here’s a question to you:

How do you train your salespeople to increase your momentum?


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