🔆 “How can we gain more traction in the higher end of the market?”

🔆 “How can we gain more traction in the higher end of the market?”

“How can we gain more traction in the higher end of the market?”

That’s a challenge many B2B SaaS businesses struggle with – hence, it’s a question I regularly get.

Let me take you through a way to achieve this by zooming in on a SaaS brand I recently helped solve this dilemma: SALESmanago. Since 2011, SALESmanage had been operating as a marketing automation platform optimized to help +3000 consumer brands in over 50 countries grow through E-commerce. Not bad at all, but as they moved upstream, working with larger, often global brands, what worked before started to work less and less. 

Here’s the thing:

The low-end of the market buys with a different mindset. If your product has enough features and the right price, a decision flows fast.

Mid-to-high-end, there’s more at stake; hence, value and trust play a significant role. So how did we address that? 

  1. We interviewed their ideal customers to arrive at a concrete list of the most valuable and critical problems that kept them up at night. 
  2. We then crystallized the three magic concepts that underpin the SALESmanago solution to exceed expectations in solving the top 5.
  3. Then we created a promise that combines the biggest aspiration and constraint of their ICP: Maximize Ecommerce Revenue, the Lean Way.
  4. Lastly, we described what uniquely characterizes those customers who’d instantly pay a premium for such a solution: Impact hungry Ecommerce teams who value two things: being lean yet powerful and the trusted revenue partner for their CEO.

The key takeaway: Getting specific enables us to explain our value in a way that hits the right nerve with our ideal customers. 

Maximize Ecommerce Revenue, the Lean Way does that for SALESmanago. 

Just six words. Simple, easy to remember, and the conversation that follows is one driven by proof points that no competitor can exceed expectations on.

Question for you to reflect upon

On a scale of 1-10, how does the promise of your SaaS solution help you stand out in your market? What if you’d be more specific?


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