🔆  "How can we make our sales process self-service? 

In one of my mentoring sessions with Techstars, this question came up:

“How can we make our sales process self-service? Any tips on this? I do not recall anyone from Slack or Canva calling me to sell me something. I am a paying customer today though”

Just reflect on this – what’s different? 

It is because they flipped the process.
It is not about selling. It’s about making people buy (and making that easy). 

The big question is: How? 

I’ve talked about this many times in my weekly podcast, and here are ten things that consistently come back from vendors that master this:

  1. Simplicity: they eliminate all the barriers to start
  2. Instant value: they design for quick wins
  3. Stickiness: they make users want to come back for more
  4. Network pull: make one user pull in the other to grow their value
  5. Virality: they design to spark desire around the core users’ circles
  6. Grass-root focus: they spark a growth bottom-up, not top-down
  7. Usage: their core metrics prioritize usage growth over user growth.
  8. Power of moments: they prioritize creating peaks over fixing gaps.
  9. Problem-obsessed: they exist to solve a meaningful problem
  10. Outcome over output: they understand it’s not about what their product does but what it results in


Question for you to reflect upon:

On a scale of 1-10, what’s the opportunity within your SaaS solution to spark a flywheel for growth? Which of the above top 10 could help you accelerate?


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