🔆 "How can we speed up the sales cycle?"

“How can we speed up the sales cycle?”

It’s the question I heard two times last week.

And what I typically hear as the answer is…

  1. Let’s bring our CEO next time we meet them for some extra weight…
  2. Let’s use these arguments about this competitor…
  3. Let’s give them a nice discount…

Sometimes it works – most of the time,…..not.

Your customer won’t buy faster if we keep selling harder.

Think about the last time you couldn’t wait to buy something from someone … EVEN if you had to pay a premium for it.

…what’s coming up?

Yes, very likely one of these things

  1. She took an immense frustration or anxiety away
  2. It helped you accelerate to achieve something you deeply aspired
  3. He made you feel part of something exclusive

A sales process accelerates once we stop selling – and they start buying.

Question for you to reflect upon:

Which prospects of your SaaS solution could you call tomorrow to tell them about one of these three things?


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