๐Ÿ”† "How can we attract the right customers?"

People often ask me: How can we attract the right customers?

One way to do this is to detract the customers you don’t want credibly.

And yesterday, I spotted a remarkable example from Neta Meidav, CEO ofย Vault, a SaaS business that’s on a mission to change work culture and enable trust and integrity in organizations so they can become the best version of themselves.

The simple line they used on their booth at the annualย #scceย conference in Phoenix this week was this:

“If you just want to tick the compliance box, our all-in-one speak up and resolution platform isn’t for you.”

Here’s the thing:

What Vault ‘gets’ is that…

  • attracting the right buyers is not about functional fit but about values fit
  • while they are in Phoenix, they want to reach those who think, ‘you guys understand me.’
  • it’s far easier to have high-energy conversations that go like ‘yes, and…’ instead of ‘yes, but…’

They want to find their potential fans. People that believe what they believe. Everything that’s not about that should credibly get that message before wasting anyone’s time.


Question for you to reflect upon

How could you tune your messaging to be a magnet to the right customers while credibly detracting the ones far better off with the competition?


Be Remarkable


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