🔆 How many R&D resources could you free up?

Yesterday I mentored a startup in the Techstars Stockholm cohort. At some point, we touched on the topic of

‘We never have enough resources.’

Such a common challenge. And the fact is, no matter how large you grow your SaaS business – this feeling will always stay.

R&D is very expensive. Not only because the best engineers come with hefty salary demands but because it’s time-consuming, it’s hard. In addition, the products you create are novel – and there’s no map to develop them faster or cheaper.

The opportunity is, therefore, in resourcefulness.

And resourcefulness is best achieved if you bundle your efforts. What do I mean? Well, take it out of isolation – away from R&D.

Make it a clear challenge for everyone in your business:

  • Reward marketing for their efforts to become the magnet for the right customers
  • Reward sales for qualifying out fast – and win more of the right customers
  • Reward services for making the implementation process leaner and more scalable (instead of being obsessed with growing service revenue)
  • Reward product management to rid the roadmap of ‘stuff’ and to get the problem definition crystal clear.

Every little bit helps to make your business more resourceful. And that will give every department – not only R&D – the room and space to focus on those projects that will make & keep you remarkable.

Stop measuring your success by the number of people you employ.

Start measuring your success by the impact you make with the leanest possible team – a resourceful team.


Question for you to reflect upon

How many resources could you free up in your SaaS business by focusing on the right things?


Be Remarkable


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