🔆 How to accelerate the process toward repeatability? 

Earlier this week, I wrote about repeatability as a critical ingredient to successfully scale a SaaS business. All good and understandable. But a big question instantly arises: “How can we accelerate the process toward repeatability?”

And the good thing is: Every department can contribute. It’s why alignment is so important. 

Here are some strategies from peer SaaS CEOs to illustrate this: 

  • Leadership: Don’t obsess over your TAM; obsess over your serviceable market where you can make a difference and build traction (Shay David, CEO of Retrain AI)
  • R&D: Work from hypotheses around the biggest problem areas you see. Find the cheapest way to answer that hypothesis and double down to deliver that in a differentiated way. (Dmitri Sirota, CEO of BigI)
  • Marketing: Take position on why you do what you do and what you stand for. Be OK to communicate ‘If you don’t agree with what we do, or why we do no hard feelings, but then you shouldn’t be our customer’ (Charlotte Melkert, Equalture)
  • Sales: Drop and move on. Be rigorous in qualifying out. Make a conscious decision about how many new accounts you need to have a fantastic year, and then focus on targeting the best out there. (Rami Darwish, CEO of Arrow Labs)
  • Services: Double down your investment on helping organizations accelerate their journey with you (rather than targeting more billable hours). We f.ex. Transformed our POC from 6 months to 6 hours. (Jeff Jonas, CEO Senzing)

Every department has opportunities to accelerate the process toward repeatability. Align those efforts, and results will flow.

You have a choice here – take that opportunity.

Question for you to reflect upon

What can you change today to accelerate the process toward repeatability


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