🔆 How to balance value creation and value capture? 

Deprioritizing value creation leads to poor value capture.

It’s an open door – I know. But I’ve been asking around this week how happy B2B SaaS CEOs in my network are with the balance between value creation and value capture in their business,…. and NONE of them were.

Some of the issues they recognized: It’s harder to sell and upsell. Adoption is slow. The churn is unnecessarily high. And so on.

This is why we focused yesterday’s CEO Mastermind on this topic to find answers.

The solution: balance. And this is not only about ‘more product innovation.’ On the contrary – the opportunities to create value are everywhere. 

Here’s the thing:

  • Marketing can contribute by creating clarity around the characteristics of the customers that instantly ‘get’ your value – and reposition so you become incomparable.
  • Sales can contribute by saying more ‘no’ – so they can focus their precious time on those companies that will rebel if you’d take your solution away from them.
  • Services can contribute by making the delivery process a breeze, sharing what drives the most value, and being available for expert advice. 
  • Customer success can contribute by connecting fans with each other to level up together in community.
  • R&D can (obviously) contribute by actively involving fans in shaping the roadmap for maximum value creation

It all starts by recognizing how value creation and value capture are connected. 

Creating balance is not about needing more resources. It’s the opposite. You’ll need fewer resources if you balance value creation and value capture.

Remarkable software companies get this – and they leverage this to their advantage. They’re not obsessed with solely capturing value. Hence they don’t suffer from long sales cycles, poor win rates, churn, and all the negativity that comes from that. Instead, they actively engage customers in creating value across all layers of their business – and with that experience, predictable traction and growing momentum that surprises everyone: their customers, their investors, themselves, and even their competitors.

Question for you to reflect upon:

What if you asked three customers to name one thing that would create remarkable value for them? What would they say? What stops you from asking? 


Be Remarkable

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