๐Ÿ”† How to evangelize your new SaaS category?

One subscriber to my Daily SaaS Reflection challenged me earlier this week with an important question: How to evangelize a new category in SaaS?ย 

To give a bit of context: For a while, his business has been selling a product, a suite that takes the quality of meetings to a fundamentally different level.ย Word-of-mouth referrals have primarily driven sales within his network. And long story short: They won some impressive global brands on the back of that.

“They love what it can do, and we don’t have to sell them on the product. It reduces the sales cycle and cuts the whole proof of concept discussion. Our challenge is to scale this – and reach the broader market outside our insider fishpond.”

It is a widespread challenge for many SaaS businesses.ย You start with a big idea, something that will create a shift in value in the market. And you create a product that once customers see in action, they can’t imagine a life without.ย 

The typical reaction you get: “I’d never even imagined this was possible – let alone thinking there were solutions out there I could even buy.”

All cool, but if no one realizes what you do is possible, how do you grow predictable traction?ย 

Here’s the first route to approach it: Crystalize the problem

By focusing on articulating the problem, people have a point of reference. They do something today, and even though they don’t realize they have a problem (yet), they’re experiencing symptoms that hold them back.

It all starts by making them aware of that. But how…..

  • Provide them a mirror by telling stories that will make them realize what’s going on
  • Show empathy for why it’s just plain wrong that your prospects have to go through this experienceย 
  • Name the negative consequences that their ‘traditional’ way of working is fueling

Remember: Without awareness, no action.

Question for you to reflect upon

What’s the story your teams tell to make prospects aware of a problem they don’t know they have?ย 


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