🔆 How to fuel a dependable demand for your SaaS product?

As you’ve likely noticed over the past weeks, I’ve tried to answer the question:  How to fuel a dependable stream of demand for your SaaS product?

I’ve just published the full essay on the topic.

Here’s the essence: 

As Jason Lemkin recently wisely stated: “It can be hard out there. But I know exactly 0 categories in software that have 0 demand.”

Far too often, we’re just capturing demand rather than creating it. That’s OK when the market conditions are favorable, but you’ll be the first to get harmed when the market isn’t favorable.

That doesn’t have to be. The art is in blending the two motions: Demand capture is about selling the product. Demand creation is about selling the idea.

The next question is then: So how to get started? 

And here’s where the 5 steps of Narrative Design come in.

  1. What’s the undeniable change in the market?
  2. How is this negatively impacting your ideal audience (the old game)?
  3. What’s required to escape? Adapting to the new game
  4. Articulate why it is so hard to adapt.
  5. Explain what you’ve built to embrace the New Game

From there, the opportunities are endless since you can apply Narrative Design everywhere.

  • Awareness – Top of the funnel
  • Interest – High/Middle of the funnel
  • Desire – Middle of the funnel
  • Action – Sales Process

Too many SaaS companies fail to differentiate between demand creation and demand capture, and it’s costing them.

Too many take shortcuts, bet on capture – and throw millions at ads to realize, at some point, that they’ve milked the market, squeezed it 3x over – and not enough is coming out. 

Don’t be that kind of company.

Be the company that chooses to sell an idea and make people want it.

  • You’ll own the audience.
  • You’ll unlock the money.
  • You’ll create a scale advantage.
  • You’ll create a magnetical effect.

Good luck! Click here to read the essay in full


Question for you to reflect upon

What’s the one experiment you can start today to create high-quality, predictable demand for your SaaS product?


Be Remarkable


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