🔆 How to hit the right nerve with your ideal buyer?

🔆 How to hit the right nerve with your ideal buyer?

One challenge I hear multiple times a week is:

“What do I need to differently to attract better customers, and increase conversion?”

My answer: Surprise, and hit the right nerve (i.e. trait #10 from my book The Remarkable Effect)

The question that often follows:

“Ok…., but how can I surprise and hit the right nerve? Our B2B SaaS solution isn’t exactly sexy.”

My answer: Just zoom in on the type of customers you would like to have 1000s of – then pay attention to their specific frustrations, anxieties, and aspirations – and leverage that.


A great example of that is the headline on Starred’s new website.

Candidates will remember how you made them feel…

See what this does. It makes you stop and think, right? 

If you were a recruiter, you’d instantly understand how Starred can help.


Starred is a candidate experience analytics platform. 

They could have opted for the usual and dull: “Make your recruitment more efficient,” which technically is true. 

Instead, they opted for a line that hits the right nerve with recruiters – especially those who care.


Here’s the thing:

In B2B SaaS, no one cares about what you do; they care about why you do it. Customers care about the outcome. 

And as such, Starred’s mission is to ensure every candidate leaves the recruitment process with an energized feeling – whether you’re hiring them or not. 

Because companies that have the best candidate experience

  • Increase their offer acceptance rate,
  • Improve their talent attraction quality,
  • Create happier new hires and boost employee engagement

…and leave a very positive brand perception with the ones they don’t hire – which drives word of mouth, increases revenue, and reduces churn.


Question for you to reflect upon

Are you hitting the right nerve with your ideal buyer when they open your website? What if you would?

Be Remarkable


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