๐Ÿ”† "How to position yourself when you're biggest ambassador at your prospect hates you?"

We focused on this tedious positioning problem in our CEO mastermind last week….

“How to position yourself when you’re biggest ambassador at your prospect hates you?”

Not your everyday use case….

And on top of that – all the ingredients were ideal.

The product (a product that pro-actively prevents ransomware attacks from compromizing your business), …

โ€ฆsolves a highly expensive problem

โ€ฆhas clear Product-market fit

โ€ฆhas incredible differentiation

and โ€ฆeverybody in the market agrees Ransomware is a problem

Still …..not enough traction.

Here’s the thing:

it’s a dream for any company to solve an extremely valuable problem in a way no one can.

Still, it’s not always the best technology or product that wins.

Often it’s positioning or packaging that sits in the way. And that’s the case here.

The problem to overcome is a psychological one rather than a business issue.

The hurdle to overcome are things like distrust and being perceived as ‘bad news’ when you show up.

Another hurdle: attitude about the problem.

Everyone acknowledges it – no one is urged to do something about it.

And what to think about fear – companies rather keep their mouth shut than to tell their strategic partners they’re compromised….

A way to go around this is find a way that will make your biggest ambassador feel like a hero.


Question for you to reflect upon

What would you change to your positioning when you’re biggest ambassador hates you?


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